Personal Loans

Personal Loans

Our personal loans section is currently under development.

In the meantime, please visit our personal loans partner Loansmart for:

  • Personal loans
  • Car loans
  • Debt consolidation loans
  • Same day personal loans
  • Wedding loans
  • Holiday loans
  • Funeral loans
  • Home improvement loans
    • Solar panels
    • Man caves
    • Outdoor entertaining area
  • Home loans (mortgage financing)
  • Business loans

And anything else type of ‘personal loan’ you can dream up … (within reason).

The Loansmart application form takes around 3 minutes to complete so organise your personal loan with them  today.

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Multiple Options

Pay off your credit card or invest in what matters to you with Personal Loans from one of our many lenders. We can offer a range of payment plans that will suit your budget.

The benefit for you, is you’re able to kickstart your plans sooner than later, and the benefit for the provider is they make a profit from the interest and fees you pay for their service.

So when it comes to choosing personal loans, these are the things we consider to be the ‘real’ loan options to choose from:

Secured Personal Loans: If you have existing assets like a car or house, you can use these as security for the loan. The advantage of arranging a loan this was is that you can get lower interest rates and fees.

Unsecured Personal Loans: If you don’t have any assets to secure your loan or you choose not to put your car or home at risk you can choose an unsecured loan, this doesn’t require assets to guarantee the loan. Rates and fees will be higher than those available with a secured loan.

One Easy Loan

Debt Consolidation Loans: Personal loans are not only useful for funding activities like overseas travel or home renovations, they can also be used to help clear existing debts. A debt consolidation loan enables your outstanding debts on facilities, multiple loans or credit cards to be transferred to a single, lower rate loan. Instead of various payment dates and a mixture of different interest rates (e.g. 20% credit card rate here, 27% store card rate there and a 13% car loan rate over there somewhere) you can take the stress out of your debt repayments with just one single monthly payment at a flat, lower interest rate.

Looking to find the right loan option? Our experienced loan consultants can help you to select the right personal loan.

Personal Loan Finance
Personal Loan finance for cars, weddings, holidays, home improvements, debt consolidation etc