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Personal Grievances

In New Zealand, your minimum employment rights are legally protected by law whether or not they are specified in your employment agreement.

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The first time we were involved in an employment case was an employee advocate in a case against the National Bank (now part of ANZ).

That happened in the 1980s, the case was won, and it forced the National Bank to pay compensation to hundreds of workers – the total cost to the bank was in the hundreds of thousands each year, and that’s with 1980s dollars.

Since then, we have solved an immense number of employment cases, and at costs to the employee that are among the lowest on the market. We insist that an employee winning a case should not pay – the employer should, and we ensure that settlements have the employer paying the cost.

No other advocate will do that for you, and we’re aware of some employees paying over half of their award in fees.

That ain’t right.

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