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Employment Law – Doing it right!

Employment law changes constantly, and companies need to be aware of how that impacts their business. And it’s not just the law that changes – the Employment Relations Authority is a government department, and subject to government pressure. We’ve seen this since midway through Labour’s first term, with the average payout for perceived unfair terminations doubling in size.

The trend towards greater penalties on employers has sped up in the past six months, with a further 50% average payout being achieved by dissatisfied employees. In lots of cases, a small error by an employer is allowing unsatisfactory employees to gain theousands of dollars in compensation for a procedural error of very minor importance.

Employers can avoid this situation entirely by engaging with an employment relations partner who will ensure agreements are valid, clearly outline the obligations of employees, and that cannot be challenged in court. The other side is to involve your partner in all disciplinary matters – we contantly see employers who have gone out of their way to help an employee stay in the job, but due to poor recording, get hit with a $20,000 payment, on top of extortionate lawyers’ fees.

Why would you open yourself to a cost of up to $50,000 when you can guarantee avoidance by spending as little as $500.

It’s a no-brainer.

Talk to us today about a permanent employment relations partnership and one of our experts will assist you in ensuring you don’t become a victim of the persecution complex the current government is determined to instigate.

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